Monday, March 8, 2010

Human Faith

One day when Abu Bin Adam was little 1974 the heavenly light told him to go to a place in Gulgasht Multan Pakistan close to a lake where two very old cobras lived; everyone else in that town was an afraid to go any place near the cobras.

The cobras were bathing in the sunlight; the heavenly light told Abu to throw a rock up in the air by the lake. The rock however didn’t fall in the water but it hit a tree branch which made two leaves drop from the tree and fell into the water. The rock then hit a crow on the head that made the crow fall right in front of the cobras.

The crow started cawwing, the cawwing attracted more crows. Then a few minutes later there were about 40 to 50 crows gathered around the injured crow and the old cobras. The crows started eating the cobras. What Abu bin Adam didn’t know is that when he had thrown the rock an fire ant was drowning in the waters of the lake asking God (Rab) to save her. When the rock made the Two leaves fall one of the leaf fell in front of the very small fire ant in the water.

The ant then climbed onto the leaf and said, Thank you God the Beneficent , the Merciful . This tells us that there is a God (Rab) of Humanity (Rabi) who helps animals when they ask for help as well as human Kind.

Blessing on humanity from Mehdi (Imam) and Adam (Jesus) the father and the son with Holy Spirit!

Human Faith is a religious of God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi). The definition of humanity (Rabi) in our faith is the quality of being humane and respectful for life. The Divine Affirmations of human faith are the commandment of God (Rab) of Humanity (Rabi). The crime against the Nine Affirmations is blasphemy and great disrespect for our God (Rab) of humanity (Rabi).
Human Faith is heavenly light of knowledge restriction on sacred light is eclipse on humanity and blasphemy.
Human faith is a religious of Mehdi ‘s and Adam ‘s monotheistic faith and knows that God (Rab) is the creator and overseer of the universe at all the time and all matters. The waves of fresh air with small particles full of wisdom and oxygen of (Rabi) are in the air it is just matter of time when they touch the brain to change the heart.

The Moral Values

Abu bin Adam was born in the city of heat and dust (Multan Pakistan) and few yards away from his home there was a cemetery and a heavenly light used to live there whose name was Human Faith. The heavenly light told Abu to look at the tallest tree in the cemetery where the Golden Eagles have risen their chicks, after a few seconds a chick fell from the tree and landed on the ground.

The parents of the chick, the two golden eagles came down and tended the chick. The heavenly light attracted Abu to see what the chick will do and how the parents will help him get back to the nest, the chick tried to fly but he couldn’t because he wasn’t old enough to, both parents stayed with the chick to protect him from other predators, everyday the chick tried to fly but couldn’t, after seven days he finally succeeded and flew to the tree and sat on a branch near his nest.

It was a surprise for Abu to see that the chick and the parents did not lose heart made many attempts but succeeded in the end. Seeing this, a ray of hope shown on Abu’s face, the heavenly light told Abu that failure is the pillar of success in kids life and said that the Greek king Dionysius’s people were suffering from pain and sicknesses we showed him how to produce wine (Abay-Anhub) from the grapes and give the art and wisdom to keep his people happy and we made Abraham PBUH a good man who is not a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or a Jew who is just a upright man for his family and for moral values.

Heavenly light gave Abraham PBUH wisdom and the stone (Asfud) from paradise and moral values for human kind. Time went by quick and Abu happen to be here in United State driving livery when he met a girl who have three children from three different fathers and all fathers are in jail.

Abu’s job is to take her to the Methadom clinic everyday and bring her back home, and her youngest four year old child saw Abu as a male role model who is there every day and the child called Abu daddy, Abu looked in the kids eyes and cried and asked God (Rab) what happened to Abrahams PBUH moral values.

Blessing on humanity (Rabi) from Mehdi (Imam) and Adam (Jesus) the father and the son with Holy Spirit!

Human faith teaches not only moral values it can give realistic purpose of achieving complete fulfillment of internal life. Our method of understanding both the universe and life is based on unlimited confidence in individual by teaching respect of human life.

Human faith is Mehdi’s and Adam’s monotheistic faith and knows that God is the creator and overseer of the universe at all the time and all matters.

It is time to modernize our faith by adopting true faith and educate mankind in accordance with basic principle of life. Our vision is to introduce true human religion by mobilizing communities and faiths around the world to improve people’s lives .Our mission is to strength the bond of humanity (Rabi) by introducing human faith religion.

Monday, March 1, 2010

History of the Bible

The history of the Bible starts with a phenomenal account of history! It's not one book like I always thought -- It's an ancient collection of writings, comprised of 66 separate books, written over approximately 1,600 years, by at least 40 distinct authors. The Old Testament contains 39 books written from approximately 1500 to 400 BC, and the New Testament contains 27 books written from approximately 40 to 90 AD. The Jewish Bible (Tanakh) is the same as the Christian Old Testament, except for its book arrangement. The original Old Testament was written mainly in Hebrew, with some Aramaic, while the original New Testament was written in common Greek.

The history of the "Bible" begins with the Jewish Scriptures. The historical record of the Jews was written down on leather scrolls and tablets over centuries, and the authors included kings, shepherds, prophets and other leaders. The first five books are called the Law, which were written and/or edited primarily by Moses in the early 1400's BC. Thereafter, other scriptural texts were written and collected by the Jewish people during the next 1,000 years. About 450 BC, the Law and the other Jewish Scriptures were arranged by councils of rabbis (Jewish teachers), who then recognized the complete set as the inspired and sacred authority of God (Elohim). At some time during this period, the books of the Hebrew Bible were arranged by topic, including The Law (Torah), the Prophets (Nebiim), and the Writings (Ketubim). The first letters of these Hebrew words - T, N and K -- form the name of the Hebrew Bible - the Tanakh. 1

Beginning as early as 250 BC, the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek by Jewish scholars in Alexandria, Egypt. This translation became known as the "Septuagint", meaning 70, and referring to the tradition that 70 (probably 72) men comprised the translation team. It was during this process that the order of the books was changed to the order we have in today's Bible: Historical (Genesis - Esther), poetic (Job - Song of Songs), and prophetic (Isaiah - Malachi). 2

Although the Jewish Scriptures were copied by hand, they were extremely accurate copy to copy. The Jews had a phenomenal system of scribes, who developed intricate and ritualistic methods for counting letters, words and paragraphs to insure that no copying errors were made. These scribes dedicated their entire lives to preserving the accuracy of the holy books. A single copy error would require the immediate destruction of the entire scroll. In fact, Jewish scribal tradition was maintained until the invention of the printing press in the mid-1400's AD. As far as manuscript accuracy, the recent discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls has confirmed the remarkable reliability of this scribal system over thousands of years 3 (I'll get back to the Dead Sea Scrolls later).

After approximately 400 years of scriptural silence, Jesus arrived on the scene in about 4 BC. Throughout his teaching, Jesus often quotes the Old Testament, declaring that he did not come to destroy the Jewish Scriptures, but to fulfill them. In the Book of Luke, Jesus proclaims to his disciples, "all things must be fulfilled which were written in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning Me." 4
Starting in about 40 AD, and continuing to about 90 AD, the eye-witnesses to the life of Jesus, including Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James, Peter and Jude, wrote the Gospels, letters and books that became the Bible's New Testament. These authors quote from 31 books of the Old Testament, and widely circulate their material so that by about 150 AD, early Christians were referring to the entire set of writings as the "New Covenant." During the 200s AD, the original writings were translated from Greek into Latin, Coptic (Egypt) and Syriac (Syria), and widely disseminated as "inspired scripture" throughout the Roman Empire (and beyond). 5 In 397 AD, in an effort to protect the scriptures from various heresies and offshoot religious movements, the current 27 books of the New Testament were formally and finally confirmed and "canonized" in the Synod of Carthage.

History of the Quran

In this Book, the Holy Prophet's life, the history of the Arabs and the events which occurred during the period of the revelation of the Quran have not been mingled with the Divine Verses, as is the case with the Bible. The Quran is the pure word of God. Not one word therein is not divine. Not a single word has been deleted from its text. The Book has been handed down to our age in its complete and original form since the time of Prophet Muhammad. From the time the Book began to be revealed, the Holy Prophet had dictated its text to the scribes. Whenever some Divine Message was revealed, the Holy Prophet would call a scribe and dictate its words to him. The written text was then read out to the Holy Prophet, who, having satisfied himself that the scribe has committed no error of recording, would put the manuscript in safe custody. The Holy Prophet used to instruct the scribe about the sequence in which a revealed message was to be placed in a particular Surah (chapter). In this manner, the Holy Prophet continued to arrange the text of the Quran in systematic order till the end of the chain of revelations. Again, it was ordained from the beginning of Islam that a recitation of the Holy Quran must be an integral part of worship. Hence the illustrious Companions would commit the Divine verses to memory as soon as they were revealed. Many of them learned the whole text and a far larger number had memorized different portions of it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Pray: The Foundation

You must first begin a relationship with God. Imagine

some guy named Mike decides to ask the president of

Princeton University (whom Mike doesn't even know) to

co-sign a car loan for him. Mike would have zero chance

of that happening. (We're assuming that the president

of Princeton is not an idiot.) However, if that same

president's daughter asked her dad to co-sign a car

loan for her, it would be no problem. Relationship


With God, when the person is actually a child of God,

when the person belongs to God, he knows them and hears

their prayers. Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd. I

know my sheep and my sheep know sheep listen to

my voice. I know them and they follow me. I give them

eternal life and they shall never perish; no one can

snatch them out of my hand."4

When it comes to God then, do you really know him and

does he know you? Do you have a relationship with him

that warrants God answering your prayers? Or is God

pretty distant, pretty much just a concept in your

life? If God is distant, or you're not sure that you

know God, here is how you can begin a relationship with

him right now
Will God Definitely Answer Your Prayer?

For those who do know him and rely on him, Jesus seems

to be wildly generous in his offer: "If you remain in

me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish,

and it will be given you."5 To "remain" in him and have

his words remain in them means they conduct their lives

aware of him, relying on him, listening to what he

says. Then they're able to ask him whatever they want.

Here is another qualifier: "This is the confidence we

have in approaching God: that if we ask anything

according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that

he hears us -- whatever we ask -- we know that we have

what we asked of him."6 God answers our prayers

according to his will (and according to his wisdom, his

love for us, his holiness, etc.).

Where we trip up is assuming we know God's will,

because a certain thing makes sense to us! We assume

that there is only one right "answer" to a specific

prayer, assuming certainly THAT would be God's will.

And this is where it gets tough. We live within the

limits of time and limits of knowledge. We have only

limited information about a situation and the

implications of future action on that situation. God's

understanding is unlimited. How an event plays out in

the course of life or history is only something he

knows. And he may have purposes far beyond what we

could even imagine. So, God is not going to do

something simply because we determine that it must be

his will.

So, Why Doesn't God Answer Everyone's Prayers?

It may be because they don't have a relationship with

God. They may know that God exists, and they might even

worship God from time to time. But those who never seem

to have their prayers answered probably don't have a

relationship with him. Further, they have never

received from God complete forgiveness for their sin.

What does that have to do with it you ask? Here is an

explanation. "Surely the arm of the Lord is not too

short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But your

iniquities have separated you from your God. Your sins

have hidden his face from you, so that he will not


It's pretty natural to feel that separation from God.

When people begin to ask God for something, what

usually takes place? They begin with, "God, I really

need your help with this problem..." And then there's a

pause, followed by a restart... "I realize that I'm not

a perfect person, that I actually have no right to ask

you for this..." There's an awareness of personal sin

and failure. And the person knows that it's not just

them; that God is aware of it too. There's a feeling

of, "Who am I kidding?" What they may not know is how

they can receive God's forgiveness for all their sin.

They might not know that they can come into a

relationship with God so that God will hear them. This

is the foundation for God answering your prayer.

How to Pray: Prayers That Get Answered

Have you ever known someone who really trusts God? When I was an atheist, I had a good friend who prayed often. She would tell me every week about something she was trusting God to take care of. And every week I would see God do somethingunusual to answer her prayer. Do you know how difficult it is for anatheist to observe this week after week? After a while, "coincidence" begins to sound like a very weak argument.So why would God answer my friend's prayers? The biggest reason is that she had a relationship with God. She wanted to follow God.And she actually listened to what he said. In her mind, God had the right to direct her in life, and she welcomed him doing just that! When she prayed for things, it was a natural part of her relationship with God. She felt very comfortable coming to God with her needs, her concerns, and whatever issues were current in her life. Furthermore, she was convinced, from what she read in the Bible,that God wanted her to rely on him like that.