Monday, March 8, 2010

The Moral Values

Abu bin Adam was born in the city of heat and dust (Multan Pakistan) and few yards away from his home there was a cemetery and a heavenly light used to live there whose name was Human Faith. The heavenly light told Abu to look at the tallest tree in the cemetery where the Golden Eagles have risen their chicks, after a few seconds a chick fell from the tree and landed on the ground.

The parents of the chick, the two golden eagles came down and tended the chick. The heavenly light attracted Abu to see what the chick will do and how the parents will help him get back to the nest, the chick tried to fly but he couldn’t because he wasn’t old enough to, both parents stayed with the chick to protect him from other predators, everyday the chick tried to fly but couldn’t, after seven days he finally succeeded and flew to the tree and sat on a branch near his nest.

It was a surprise for Abu to see that the chick and the parents did not lose heart made many attempts but succeeded in the end. Seeing this, a ray of hope shown on Abu’s face, the heavenly light told Abu that failure is the pillar of success in kids life and said that the Greek king Dionysius’s people were suffering from pain and sicknesses we showed him how to produce wine (Abay-Anhub) from the grapes and give the art and wisdom to keep his people happy and we made Abraham PBUH a good man who is not a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or a Jew who is just a upright man for his family and for moral values.

Heavenly light gave Abraham PBUH wisdom and the stone (Asfud) from paradise and moral values for human kind. Time went by quick and Abu happen to be here in United State driving livery when he met a girl who have three children from three different fathers and all fathers are in jail.

Abu’s job is to take her to the Methadom clinic everyday and bring her back home, and her youngest four year old child saw Abu as a male role model who is there every day and the child called Abu daddy, Abu looked in the kids eyes and cried and asked God (Rab) what happened to Abrahams PBUH moral values.

Blessing on humanity (Rabi) from Mehdi (Imam) and Adam (Jesus) the father and the son with Holy Spirit!

Human faith teaches not only moral values it can give realistic purpose of achieving complete fulfillment of internal life. Our method of understanding both the universe and life is based on unlimited confidence in individual by teaching respect of human life.

Human faith is Mehdi’s and Adam’s monotheistic faith and knows that God is the creator and overseer of the universe at all the time and all matters.

It is time to modernize our faith by adopting true faith and educate mankind in accordance with basic principle of life. Our vision is to introduce true human religion by mobilizing communities and faiths around the world to improve people’s lives .Our mission is to strength the bond of humanity (Rabi) by introducing human faith religion.

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